Why so expensive?

We hear quite often….

‘Why choose custom photography?’

‘Why do photographers charge so much?’

‘There are other photographers who quoted a much lower price then you!’

‘I can go to Target/Sears and get pictures and prints for $40.’

We have to admit, these questions and comments make us cringe a bit! It’s no fun having people question the value of your work and make you feel bad for trying to make a living! And the truth is, like everyone else, we base our prices off of our time, talent, and expenses too. We know most people assume that we are all just stay at home moms who purchased nice camera equipment, show up at the client session, snaps some shots, go home and drink wine while we burn the clients images onto a dvd. If this were truly the case, I too would agree that some photographers overcharge!

Did you know the average professional photographer spends an average 13-15+ hours on 1 session from the emails/phone calls, planning time, prep time, travel time, actual session, loading, editing, saving, client galleries, etc. and that’s not including continued education, marketing, and equipment time and cost!

Yes, there is no question that Sears, Target, and even new photographers are cheaper then custom professional photography. Here is why….the discount chains make their money on volume, not on customized 1:1 service and new photographers are building portfolios at extremely discounted rates!

Here at YelloNest, we have spend many hours bettering our services and quality of work! We are always looking for new and better ways to run our business and provide quality prints and products for all our clients.

We do highly recommend getting professional pictures done every few years, if not every year with a photographer who you click with even if you have to budget for it!:)

If you’d like more information on the break down of cost and time of a photographer, please head on over to: Here!

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