The DeMers Family {Maternity Session}

As the photographer, getting in front of the camera is always the hardest part, gulp…from picking out wardrobe and location to hoping your children behave long enough to capture the moment…we always start off with super high hopes and vision-!

It may not always go as we’d hoped but these are our memories!:)

I feel so blessed to have a husband who goes along with all my craziness and nods his head at each request and idea I throw out there. And although my children are NOT the best ‘clients’, they are my amazing babies who have a hard time sitting still because they love life so much and enjoy laughing and being silly!

We are beyond excited to be having our 3rd baby mid-March! This whole pregnancy has been an adventure of its own. Not knowing what we are going to have makes us extra antsy to meet our little one.

Sweet Baby D #3 we are beyond stoked to see who we already know God knitted so beautifully and wonderfully in your mommy’s belly!

Thanks to my sisters, as always, for the help! Cammie- for snapping all these shots and Haley- for hair/makeup and assistance!

February 11, 2014 - 1:44 am

Lauren - Simply beautiful.

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