Rodriguez/Saez {Bridal Session}

Last August, we received a call from a bride looking for a photographer for her December wedding. We politely told her that we don’t do weddings at this time, and that because of our young children and babies, we cannot commit to the hours away from our families. Most people would say “thanks anyway” and hang up the phone. Little did we know that we were dealing with a very persistent and very feisty Puerto Rican. We can say that here because we have said it to her MANY times. We quickly learned that Suleica gets what she wants…in the nicest way possible. After several phone conversations and even some help from family and friends to bridge the language gap, we gave into to her request.

And my goodness did we luck out with this couple. Gorgeous bride, handsome fiance (Walde), and amazing locations. Suleica managed to talk her way onto a lovely ranch outside La Vernia, borrow the neighbor’s horse, and convince and old man named Bob to meet us with his vintage car.

We were so blessed to have this couple as our first wedding clients! Check out our favorites from their bridal session.

July 30, 2014 - 8:16 pm

nancy maldonado - Suleica is my cousin. What beautiful piks.

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