Luke {Turns 3 years!}

Luke David you’re such an amazing little man!

You bless our family so much for you simply being YOU!

I think to myself all the time that YOU are the answer to my dreams of always wanting a little boy and I literally can’t imagine a better fit than you!

I love watching you figure things out and how naturally talented and athletic you are… even in the moments of your extremely accurate ability to hit a ball at my head!

You are silly and playful. You are methodical and enjoy life. You are all boy with a hint of enjoyment of those things your sister loves:)

You have such a sweet and sensitive spirit and will know women well!

I love how you don’t want to miss anything, how you love your sisters and your mommy, how you give your daddy a run for his money!

These 3 years have been very special my son – here’s to many many more awesome- full years!

I enjoy time with you and getting to see who God made you to be.

Happy 3rd birthday, I love you with all my heart, Luke!

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