Isabella Joy {4 years}

So I’m a little behind on Isabella’s 4 year pictures but it’s been a crazy awesome year!

Lots of growth.

There is a new addition to our family, our photography business is busier then ever, I’ve taken on new endeavors…all while trying to fully enjoy my awesome family!

Brainstorming ‘theme’ ideas for your own children’s sessions can be the roughest…it has to be perfect right?!#$%^

Well in the chaos of life, I threw together this little outfit that in the end became the best representation of Isabella at this stage in life and I love it on her!

Isabella Joy is my strong willed, passionate, creative, silly, wise, witty, dreamer, lover, adventurer.

There isn’t anything this girl can’t do. Once she puts her mind to it – DONE!

She’s always absorbing life around her…taking notes, making observations, and analyzing!

She is highly enjoyed by anyone who has a conversation with her. She is sociable and accepting of everyone.

She’s the best big sister…always loving, encouraging – being a little mommy at times!

She loves reading the bible and learning in general…she has one of the best memories I know.

She’s a big helper, always volunteering to help around the house and with her little brother and sister.

She dreams big with Eddie and I and believes there isn’t anything impossible.

Isabella Joy, you have blessed my life beyond measure. I’m a better person because of you. You make life better and teach me about God daily.

Thank you for being you and being my daughter!

You are STUNNING inside and out!!!! Don’t you ever forget that.

You’re my lovey, lovey forever-ever!

I love you.


I love how she looks at the world!


This face!!!!!!!!!! 

My girl loves to write…she always walks around with a pad and pen/pencil/marker anything that will let her write or draw.

She amazes me!

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