Isabella turns 5!!

So I am super late in posting…I’m learning how to still do all the things I love and value while being pregnant with baby #4, homeschooling my two oldest, and figuring out how to train a very passionately stubborn and demanding almost 2 year old precious little tater tot!

I know she is my oldest baby but this was seriously my favorite shoot to date! I’m almost 4 months past her birthday on taking and posting this girls 5 year old pictures but our time together was so precious to me!

Even saying ’5 year old’ freaks me out and super excites me all at once! I try to explain to my kids why mommy gets sad and happy at each birthday. Sad because it’s all happening so dang fast and it doesn’t seem like there is enough time to fully take it all in and enjoy but also super happy because it so shows God’s love and grace and amazingness that my children are whole, healthy, happy, and growing!

So Bella and I dropped her brother and sister off at their Gigi’s house to be watched by Auntie and Gigi. We headed out to a nature center near Boerne. We walked around and checked things out in a super relaxed way. We talked about different things and even said how fun it’ll be to bring daddy, Luke and Rhyan back to show them the park! Mostly, I just let Bella be Bella and told her to ‘freeze’ when I saw a picture opt!

I was able to capture all that makes Isabella herself from her silly faces to her serious ones and from her adventurous side to her laughter! <3

Isabella Joy, my big little 5 year old,

the person that you are seriously never stops amazing me! The depth of your wisdom and spirit inspire me and make me enjoy being a mommy even more. You are an awesome big sister and have such a mommy’s heart! You’re super smart and always asking the best questions about everything! You’re excitement and enjoyment for life energizes me and the family. You are strong but also perfectly sensitive! You are getting more and more at that age where you like your independence (especially away from Luke who adores you and would probably be okay with being tied with a rope to you!) You were so created to be in our family as the first born, biggest sister, first grand-baby…dont’ you ever doubt or question that!

You love and include ALL people so beautifully as if each person is your best friend and matters in a big way…I truly feel it’s how God intended us all to live like daily!

You have your first wiggly tooth right now which makes you super excited but also a little scared because of the unknown side of this new part of growing up.

You desperately want a kitten and reassure me that you’ll feed it, pick up its poop, and clean up all it’s hair – but I’m sorry, I’m still not ready!

You always get emotional and tell me that you don’t want me to get old and that you want to live with mommy and daddy forever…I know this will one day change but my heart holds onto those precious words so tightly!

You pick things up really quickly and are a bit of a little perfectionist. You get frustrated when things sometimes don’t turn out in what you’re working so hard to create.

God has so wonderfully crafted and created you and my prayer over you every night is to remind you that you are God’s favorite and so perfectly made! That He is your good-good Father who created you to dream big so He can show you that He loves you so much, you’ll be able to see all those dreams come true!

Keep living freely, baby girl, and keep those dreams BIG!

I love you with all my heart and don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am that you..are..mine!

Happy 5th year of life Isabella Joy!

And here’s to many many many more happy, healthy, whole, God-filled ones!



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