Isabella {6 years}

Oh Isabella Joy, my beautiful-wonderful-amazing daughter…my heart leaps and wants to sob all at the same time!

You are 6!!! – you have to use 2 hands to show your age now…and though it might sound silly – it’s a big deal to me!

My first born, first daughter, first to a lot of things…you are so near and dear to my heart!

I wish I could bottle up all my feelings for you because sometimes words don’t seem enough to express all of who you are and all of what you mean to me and our family!

You are such a strong little person. You so often naturally carry things in such grace that I want to wrap you up and say ‘no, baby, not yet….you’re still my little girl!’

You’re so smart. Daddy and I sometimes have to get really creative to present something new to you. And we can no longer spell things in ‘code’ bc you know what we are saying.

You are so fun to be with because you embrace it all!

You’re the best big sister…always encouraging and helping your siblings – with the ‘occasional’ competitive moments of racing Luke in just about everything and everywhere.

And you especially like to pick up and hold your baby brother Ben.

You’re creative with a a big pinch of perfectionism (I’m not sure where you get that from- haha ::wink::) and you love your art, making things, and playing piano – I call you my little innovator!

You’re such an encourager and include everyone…always aware of what’s going on around you and making sure no one is left out!

You always get super excited for other people’s achievements – I love this about you!

You are so open to the things of God. You love having daddy tell you about who God is and walking through and praying for things with mommy!

You are ALWAYS reading…you pick up any/and everything and read it in a day.

You’re super aware and perceptive…mommy playfully calls you nosey-bug!

You have the memory of an elephant, no really!

You’re silly and when you get tickled about something, your laughter is contagious!

You’re particular about what you wear and where things go and how things are arranged!

And did I mention you’re lovely… you’re one of the loveliest people I know!

There is such beauty in you and on you!

There is no one like you, Isabella Joy, no one to take or fill your place!

I’m so glad you’re mine, you’re ours, that you belong in our family – we’d be so incomplete without you!

We love you Bella-Boo!

Happy 6th Birthday & to many more amazing-wonderful-special years ahead!



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