Grayson (Turns 1!}

This day last year started like many towards the end of my pregnancy. I hadn’t slept well, was way past the “enjoying pregnancy” phase, and still had a list of things to get done before our son’s arrival. If y’all remember, Mallory and I were pregnant together this time around. Both of us were big, tired, and in need of entertainment for the big kids. We met up at Inflatable Wonderland so the littles could get some energy out and hopefully take ridiculously long naps later that day. About halfway through playtime, my water broke and we hightailed it out of there. I wasn’t having any contractions as I called my midwife, called Chris, called mom, etc. I told everyone to start wrapping up what they were doing and make their way to the house….they had time. WRONG! By the time I made it home with Addie, I was in labor with contractions coming fast and hard. Chris and mom made it to me about the same time and we loaded up and headed to the birth center.

That car ride is still a blur. I remember passing several roads that would lead to a hospital and an epidural…and boy was I tempted. We made the 40 minute drive in record time…I’m pretty sure me uttering the words “I need to push” almost gave my mom a heart attack. We made it just in time to get into the tub and start pushing. From water breaking to delivery was a short 3 hours. Grayson Cameron Moore made his way into this world on February 27, 2014 at 2:39 p.m. He was chunky, had a gorgeous head of black hair, and a perfect dimple in his chin.

Grayson, you have been such a joy for us from day one! You are the happiest baby and you have such a sweet and gentle spirit. You are already so funny…you love to make us laugh. You are very smart but you’re an observer…taking everything in before trying. You are a true mama’s boy…have been since day one. You love to rough-house with daddy and do everything sissy is doing. We are so blessed to be your mommy, daddy, and big sister!

I have prayed Joshua 1:9 over you from the time I knew I was having a boy. “Be strong and courageous, for the LORD your GOD is with you wherever you go.” While we know that you are not ours but HIS, we trust our LORD to walk with you always, even when we can’t. We cannot wait to watch your life unfold before you and the huge plans our Father has for you.

Thank you for a wonderful first year sweet Gray! You have made me a better mommy and a better person. You remind me to take time and observe. To slow down and enjoy. To let go of the rules and expectations…to just BE present in every moment because they go by so quickly. I love you my precious boy…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ~Mommy (Cammie)


In honor of my little wild man, I chose to do a Where the Wild Things Are first birthday party and matching photo session. I love the idea of him embarking on his life’s journey. We might not know where he’s heading, but we do know it is not the wind that will set his course, but our Creator. This is just the start, the first steps in finding what your Lord has for your life….Check out these whimsical and fun images with Grayson!




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