{Christmas Mini Sessions}

We love Christmas mini season here in the NEST! It’s the time of year when we pull out all the stops for some fun, themed sessions. This year, we had some returning families and a whole bunch of YelloNest newcomers. We planned and designed our rustic and simple Christmas backdrop that involved a tree, pallets and some adorable banners made by our friend, Lyndsey Moore, at Vintage Stitch (check her out on Facebook…cute stuff)!!!

We had a full Saturday lined up…but Mother Nature had other plans. The day of the Christmas mini got to a high of 38 and rainy!!! We have to say that we have the best clients around. Everyone was patient and understanding as we switched days and times to make it work. We ended up with 2 days, 8 families, and a whole lot of CUTE!!!

If these pics don’t make you want to turn on the Christmas music, add a few decorations to the house, and sip some eggnog…we don’t know what will!!!


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