Addie {Turns 5!}

When Addie and I started talking about her 5th birthday and her party, the only thing she HAD to have was a pool party. This kid is obsessed with being in the water! In the winter, she takes a minimum of two baths each day. I wanted this party to be special…I mean, it requires an ENTIRE hand of fingers to tell people how old you are!!! Big deal! The next day I was dusting Addie’s shelf and spotted one of her favorite books Flora and the Flamingo and so we had a theme…Flamingoes, pink, swimming…PERFECTION. As I started gathering decorations for the party, my pink obsession ran a little wild, and I knew I had to do a themed session with all these props/justify buying all of them;)

Addie’s daddy happens to be a real estate agent and happened to have a client with an awesome, retro pool that was begging to have some flamingoes and a lawn chair next to it. I just love when it all comes together! What a fun session. This was the first birthday session that was thoroughly enjoyed by both mommy AND Addie. I think she is finally getting the hang of being a photographer’s kid. She even came up with some of the poses and set ups all by herself.

On a side note, when did this peanut get so old?!? This has been such a huge year for our baby girl. She started school, takes piano lessons, helps me cook and clean. She is an incredible big sister…man she loves her bubba so well! She golfs with her daddy…Like for real! She can last a full 18 hole round and knows her course etiquette too. She loves talking about Jesus and can lead prayer time like a grown up. She is starting to read, write, tell time, count money…..and on and on.

Addie we are so blessed to have you as our daughter! You are our sunshine and you bring so much joy and life to our family. Your smile and humor is infectious! We cannot wait to see what you do this year.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Addison Drew! ~Mommy (Cammie)

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