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A good snapshot stops a moment from running away’ 
 ~Eudora Welty

(Left-Mallory, Right-Cammie, & our little sister Haley who is not a photographer but a rocking awesome hair & makeup stylist!)
{Mallory DeMers}
I love how photography captures people’s story…it represents memories…it documents details…and it remembers what time often forgets! Hi, I’m Mallory. I am a born and raised Texas girl. I am madly in love with my husband Eddie and could quite possibly spend every second of each day with him and not get tired of it. Smitten only partly describes how I feel about my darling daughter Isabella Joy. I am in awe and adoration of my Savior Jesus who daily blows me away by his unfailing love for me. I highly enjoy being outside on a warm sunny day with a slight breeze near the water! I like coffee – the smell and the taste -Mmm. I get excited about the idea of high heels but when it comes down to it, I much rather be wearing flip flops or just going barefoot! I truly believe real joy is contagious! And if you couldn’t already tell….I love photography! I became obsessed when I was in middle school. (Thanks mom and dad for paying to develop the gazillion film pictures I took of everything!)  I went on to study my new passion in college however and got my degree in Kinesiology with a minor in children’s psychology. It was only a matter of time plus getting married and having my first child that brought me full circle to my first artistic passion — photography!
{Cammie Moore}
I am so excited to be starting this new adventure with my sister. I have loved photography for years but always thought of it as more of a hobby. It all started with one of those funny Mickey Mouse cameras that I got for a birthday as a kid. My passion grew when I became the lead photographer on my high school yearbook staff. I spent hours in the darkroom in college…yes, I know…what’s a darkroom? But I loved the anticipation of waiting for the images to surface. I remember having to explain to mom and dad why I needed more money for photography supplies. Then there were weekends of dragging Chris all around the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex to get the perfect shots for class.
Then I grew up and pursued a “real” career. I had the incredible experience of teaching and being taught by first graders for five years. Children are amazing! So honest, so hopeful, and so in awe of life and God’s creation. I feel incredibly blessed to have seen life through their eyes for so many years. The ONLY reason I walked away is to be a full-time mommy to my sweet baby girl, Addison Drew. My wonderful husband, Chris, has always encouraged me to pursue photography again, and it’s now the right time.
That is why YelloNest Photography is such a perfect next chapter. I am looking forward to seeing the awe and love for life in our clients’ eyes and helping to capture those moments!
Can’t wait to help you make memories!
January 15, 2013 - 3:12 am

Patricia Lane - I would love to learn how to shoot well balanced, coordinated ward robe, smiling faces, pictures. How does one get by having shaking hands?

January 15, 2013 - 4:52 pm

YelloNest13 - Hi Patricia, using a fast shutter speed can help with hand shake or a tripod if it’s severe enough!

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